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Workshop on “Design For Manufacturing With SOLIDWORKS”

Hands on Workshop on

Design For Manufacturing With SOLIDWORKS

A workshop on Solidworks and 3D Printing, with the title “Design for Manufacturing with SolidWorks” was organized by AUST Innovation & Design Club, on 30th December 2021. It was a two-and-a-half-hour-long workshop. This was a beginner-friendly workshop to enhance the skill set of the students. It was a great opportunity for the beginners to get the basic ideas on Solidworks and the experience to polish their skills. To attend this workshop 150+ students registered online from all the departments for free beforehand and only shortlisted 80 of them were given access to attend the workshop through the mail. As this was the 2nd offline workshop session it was held in AUST premises from 03:30 PM to 06:00 PM. 
The significance of this workshop was
★To inspire the students to use CAD for technical drawing and design.
★To enhance the use of SolidWorks.
★To acquire knowledge about 3D printing and to print a 3D file.
★To learn about the parts of a 3D printer and how it works.
Through this workshop one could have explored the intermediary skills to survive in the professional world.
Mr. Arafath Mohiv Munna, the SolidWorks champion from Dassault Systèmes, the Certified SolidWorks Additive Manufacturing Associate and Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Advanced of Sheet Metal, Weldment & Drawing Tools, & Mr. Fahim Ahmed a renowned 3D Product Designer with enormous achievements and experience and also a Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate of Mechanical Design & Additive Manufacturing (CSWA-AM) and who has been working as a 3D product Designer actively for the past two years, conducted the session together.
The session started through a welcoming speech from Mr. Md. Tamzid-Ul-Islam Fouad and Ms. Nure Arfi, Executive Committee Members of AUST Innovation & Design Club. After the introduction, the session was handed over to the instructors. Mr. Arafath Mohiv Munna started the session with some introduction speech and then briefly discussed CAD, what design for manufacturing means, SolidWorks interface and some basic features like extrude, cut revolve, fillet etc. And also explained job opportunities in the perspective of Bangladesh, about Solidworks certificate exam and courses to learn this software.
Mr. Arafath Mohiv Munna also described 3D printing and printers and their types through a video.And in the meantime, Mr. Fahim Ahmed was assisting if any of the students were having problems understanding and was solving their individual problems.
And lastly a part of a participant’s design was printed to show how it works and explained the process.
Mr. Arafath Mohiv Munna, Former Joint Secretary of AUST Innovation & Design Club concluded the workshop with a short speech keeping the hope to hold this type of hand-on workshop in the future too.
Overall, the workshop was interactive & well designed to meet the demands of the students accurately which was the main priority of our club. AUST Innovation & Design Club is grateful to Mr. Arafath Mohiv Munna and Mr. Fahim Ahmed for their great workshop session. The club expresses its gratitude to the instructors for their precious time and effort to conduct such a well structured session.

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